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PurÖl Onyx Series Premium Break In Oil

PurÖl Onyx Series Premium Break In Oil

PurÖl Lubricants

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Ensure proper engine break in with PurÖl Onyx Series Premium Break-In oil.

Available in 30w or 40w, sold PER 1 QUART

  • Removes contaminants left during the engine build process
  • Premium protection of all internal engine components on initial startup; including pushrods, camshafts, flat tappet, and roller rockers
  • Zinc, phosphorous, and molybdenum
  • Zinc 1260ppm, Phosphorous 1150ppm
  • Fast piston ring seating
  • Cleans and protects freshly machined surfaces
  • SAE 30 and SAE 40 formulations contain no viscosity modifiers and is compatible with petroleum and synthetic motor oils
  • Can be used in gasoline, ethanol, and methanol fuel engines

This item ships ground within the continental U.S. only.