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CRS5984K3D K24 Eagle H-Beam Connecting Rods

CRS5984K3D K24 Eagle H-Beam Connecting Rods


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Set of 4 - K24 connecting rods

  • bolts: 3/8" ARP 2000
  • material: forged 4340 steel
  • center to center length: 5.984"
  • pin size: 0.866"
  • pin end width: 0.779"
  • rod journal: 1.889"
  • housing bore: 2.008"
  • big end width: 0.779"
  • typical weight: 555g
  • bushed for full-floating piston pin

Eagle's commitment to quality and service has resulted in customer loyalty and satisfaction. This, in turn, has fueled rapid growth over the years. Eagle added crankshafts to our lineup a few years later as well as expanding our offerings in connecting rods. Continuous design improvements and improvements in materials and manufacturing techniques have resulted in Eagle being the largest and most respected aftermarket connecting rod and crank manufacturer in the industry. We never stop researching ways to make our products lighter, stronger, more efficient to manufacture, and more diverse. When you stop moving forward, you get passed by the competition.